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Michael Eiseman

About Michael Eiseman:

I am a chemical engineer with 30 years' experience in the chemical industry. For the past several years I have been volunteer tutoring A Better Chance high school scholars. I noticed that I could perform algebra much more quickly than my students and determined why my mental processes lead to faster solutions.

In the United States we are taught to solve algebra problems by applying equivalent operations to both sides of an equation. I realized that I had stopped doing algebra this way long ago. Instead, like most experienced mathematicians, I was MOVING terms and factors in my head − a much faster and easier-to-visualize method. The most effective way I could think of to share my mental processes with my students was to build Algebra By Hand™. And now I'm sharing it with you!

If you find a bug on this site, have suggestions, or want to discuss how Algebra By Hand can be used to make students faster at algebra, drop me an email.

I sincerely thank the following people for helpful and engaging discussions about this site:

Barry Boone

Zach Boone

Nancy Eiseman

Annie Fetter from the Math Forum

Michael Fishkow

Adam Ginzberg at Stanford University

Phil Gressman at the University of Pennsylvania

Charles Grinstead at Swarthmore College

Gene Klotz (AKA Dr. Math!)

Tony Liu

Eric Milou at Rowan University

Danny Noble

Neil Rosenhouse

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